Canadian Safety Coatings Inc.

Gorgeous, durable rubber safety coatings for stairs, patios, pool decks and much more.


Picture a beautiful, easy to maintain surface that comes in a fully customizable range of colours.

Slip-resistant even when wet, it not only protects your loved ones from accidental slips and falls but can reduce injury even if they do fall due to its impact-absorbing qualities.

Best of all, it can be applied directly over your current cracked, unsightly or dangerous surface in a matter of days, saving both time and money.

This is Rubaroc ®.  Canadian Safety Coatings Inc. specializes in installing this revolutionary rubber safety surfacing product and we’re ready to transform your property.  It’s ideal for almost any residential and commercial project you can think of, from your porch to your dock to the garage floor.

Browse our gallery to see the potential of Rubaroc ® and contact us to book a quote today.