Commercial Applications

Forget about expensive annual repairs to paved & gravel surfaces on your properties.  Keep them looking beautiful with minimal maintenance.  Rubaroc® is vandal resistant, chemical resistant and easy to take care of.


It’s perfect for splash pads, stairs, pool surrounds, pathways, playgrounds, splash pads, high-traffic entry ways, condominium balconies, laundry rooms, patios, golf courses, industrial garages and almost any other application you can think of.

Rubaroc® can be applied to almost any stable, solid, horizontal or vertical substrate material, including concrete, asphalt, epoxy, stone, brick, wood, steel, tarmac, chipboard and aluminum.  Professionally installed over your new or existing surface, Rubaroc expands and contracts to accommodate temperature changes and ground movement.10.jpg

Installation is fast, easy and does not require the use of noisy equipment. Our crew can complete typical projects in as little as 24-to-48 hours, keeping your downtime to an absolute minimum.

Each project is protected by a product and installation warranty, and in the unlikely event a repair is needed you can rest easy knowing it should take only a few minutes to complete and any affected area will be virtually indistinguishable from the rest.

Your finished product will be a long term investment in your property that will get compliments from everyone: council members, property managers, owners, renters, customers and clients alike!

2A wide selection of fully customizable colours and the option to incorporate custom logos make it easy to coordinate your design elements.

Safety is always an important consideration and if there’s a chance your team or your customers could encounter slippery conditions on your premises Rubaroc® is the answer.  Its slip-resistant and fall injury protective qualities effectively add an extra level of safety for you and anyone on your property.  For projects such as playgrounds or splash pads we even add extra cushioning and bounce so children at play are less likely to hurt themselves should they fall.  8

In high-traffic areas, even if yours is a warehouse application with the rigours of trucks, traffic, boxes and crates, Rubaroc ® rubber safety surfacing coatings will stand the test.  This versatile product is ideal for indoor commercial clients such as warehouses, garages, high-end stables, gyms, hotels, condominiums, businesses and more.

The commercial potential of Rubaroc® is virtually unlimited.

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